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Are you looking to upgrade your windows or doors with impact-resistant ones? If you live in South Florida, you've come to the right place.

Impact windows and doors offer greater protection from the elements and can save you money in energy costs over time. With a variety of financing options available, it's easier than ever to invest in impact-resistant windows and doors for your home.

In this article, we'll discuss why impact windows are worth the investment, what benefits they bring, how much they cost and other important details about getting them installed in South Florida.

Read on to learn more!

Free Impact Window & Door Estimate

Get a free, no-hassle estimate on the best storm-tested doors and windows today!

Whether you live in South Florida or are looking to protect your home from severe hurricanes and other extreme weather conditions, impact windows are the perfect choice. Our impact windows have been tested to withstand the harshest storms and provide superior protection for your home.

We offer competitive prices and will provide you with a free estimate so you can make an informed decision about which option is best for you. In addition to our impact windows, we also install impact doors that offer additional protection against wind, water, and debris.

Our experienced team of installers will ensure that your new doors or windows fit perfectly in place so that they can provide maximum security when needed. Get a free estimate now and find out why South Florida's homeowners trust us with their hurricane-proofing needs - because we deliver quality workmanship at an affordable price.

We guarantee satisfaction with all of our services including installation of impact windows and impact doors.

Sales Tax Exemption On Impact Windows & Doors

Take advantage of this amazing opportunity and save big on your new hurricane-proof windows and doors - no sales tax for the next two years!

The State of Florida has created a special tax relief program for homeowners interested in installing impact windows and doors. Starting July 1, 2022 through June 30, 2024 you can purchase these products without having to pay any sales tax.

This is great news for Floridians as insurance premiums seem to be skyrocketing right now. In order to qualify for the exemption, you must install impact resistant or hurricane-rated windows or doors that meet the requirements set out by Florida Law.

These offer protection from windblown debris during hurricanes and other severe weather events. Not only will this help protect your home but it also entitles you to an insurance discount which may help offset some of the costs associated with the installation of these products.

So don't wait too long - take advantage of this amazing opportunity today!

Why Get Impact Windows

With hurricane season in full swing, now's the perfect time to upgrade your home and save on taxes with impact-resistant windows!

Impact windows are designed to withstand extreme winds and flying debris during a storm, making them an ideal choice for homeowners in South Florida. They are made of two or more panes of glass with a layer of plastic between them. This strong interlayer holds the window together if it is hit by high velocity winds or objects such as rocks or tree branches that can be thrown around during a storm.

The impact-resistant material also reduces noise from outside and increases security against forced entry.

Impact windows also provide energy efficiency benefits. Many models are coated with Low-E (low emissivity) materials which reflect heat from the sun away from your home, keeping the interior cooler in hot summer months and reducing air conditioning costs. Advanced features like gas fillings between the panes of glass help reduce thermal transfer further improving their energy efficiency rating.


Main Benefits:

  • Made of two or more panes of glass with an interlayer of plastic laminate to hold them together
  • Coated with Low-E (Low Emissivity) materials to reflect sunlight away from your home
  • Gas filling between panes helps reduce thermal transfer
  • Able to withstand high velocity winds and flying objects during storms
  • Reduces noise coming from outside
  • Increases security against forced entry

Benefits of impact-resistant windows

Be prepared for the storm season and reap the rewards of increased security, energy efficiency, insurance savings, and noise reduction with impact-resistant windows!

Impact windows are designed to protect you from flying debris during hurricane season. They are tested and certified to withstand simulated hurricane conditions and if damaged or compromised they will remain intact in the frame. They're a practical way to protect your home from intruders as they can resist an impact from objects such as a hammer or even a bullet due to their strong durable liner called polyvinyl butyral.

Not only do these windows provide protection but they also offer great benefits that include improved energy efficiency which reduces your monthly FPL bill when combined with low-e coating; insurance savings of up to 42%; noise reduction outside your home so you can enjoy peace and quiet; and increased property value with an ROI of at least 80%.

Impact-resistant windows have many advantages that make them well worth the investment for any homeowner in South Florida who wants to be protected from Mother Nature's wrath and all her accompanying inconveniences!

Financing Options

Reap the rewards of security, energy efficiency, and insurance savings with financing options for impact-resistant windows, so you can enjoy a peace of mind even during hurricane season.

Many homeowners in South Florida are now turning to home improvement loan lenders as an option to finance their purchases. Some of these options include cash-out refinance loans, home equity loans, and personal loans.

Cash-out refinance loans allow you to borrow against the value of your home by taking out a new mortgage that pays off your existing mortgage loan and provides additional funds for purchasing impact-resistant windows.

Home Equity Loans provide access to capital based on the amount of equity you have in your property which is often times referred to as second mortgages or HELOCs (Home Equity Lines Of Credit).

Finally, personal loans are unsecured so no collateral or assets are needed but credit scores often play a role in getting approved for this type of financing.

No matter what route you decide to take it’s important to evaluate all aspects carefully and make sure you understand all terms before signing any contract. Impact-resistant windows have numerous benefits so make sure you take advantage of them while also ensuring financial stability in order to avoid any unexpected surprises.

My Safe Florida Home Program

You could be just one step away from taking advantage of the My Safe Florida Home program and securing your home against damaging storms and hurricanes, with grant money up to $10,000 for impact-resistant doors and windows.

The My Safe Florida Home Program offers a variety of benefits:

  • Your home's insured value has been raised from $500,000 to $700,000.
  • Properties no longer have to be located in a wind-borne debris region.
  • Low-income households can benefit as well. The low-income household grant of $5,000 has been raised to $10,000.
  • Townhomes now qualify for the My Safe Florida Home program.

This new update will take effect on July 1st, 2023, giving homeowners who may have delayed applying for the home hardening grants due to certain restrictions a second chance at protecting their homes with free grant money.

With Gov. Ron DeSantis's signature adding another $100 million dollars into this program, it is sure that more Floridians will benefit greatly from this new expansion!

Choosing the Right Window and Best Installer

Making the decision to upgrade your windows and doors can be an exciting, yet daunting task. The My Safe Florida Home program provides homeowners with a great opportunity to improve the safety and security of their homes, but it's important to take the time to choose the right window and best installer for the job.

Choosing a reputable contractor is key when it comes to having your impact windows installed properly. SOFLO IMPACT WINDOWS offers professional installers with years of experience in installing impact windows throughout South Florida. Our team not only has product knowledge, but they also treat every home as if it were their own - taking steps to protect property during installation and ensuring that all work is done in accordance with manufacturers specifications and local building codes.

Plus, our customer service is second-to-none - just read our reviews! We understand how valuable your home is, so allow us to provide you with an installation that will pass inspection and keep your family safe for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do impact windows last?

Impact windows, also known as hurricane-proof windows, are designed to withstand the strong winds and flying debris that accompany powerful storms.

On average, impact windows last anywhere from 20-30 years with proper maintenance. However, it's important to keep in mind that since they're exposed to the outdoor elements on a daily basis, their lifespan can vary depending on the region you live in and how well you maintain them.

Regularly cleaning your impact windows and inspecting them for signs of wear and tear can help lengthen their life span significantly.

What is the average cost of impact windows?

Impact windows are a great way to protect your home from strong winds and flying debris. On average, the cost of impact windows can range from $500 to over $1,000 per window.

The total cost for an entire house will depend on the number of windows you need to install, as well as the size and type of impact window you choose.

Factors such as installation labor costs or special features may also influence the price.

Shopping around and comparing different quotes is one way to ensure that you get the best deal on impact windows for your home.

How much noise reduction do impact windows provide?

Impact windows are an effective way to reduce noise levels. The amount of noise reduction they provide depends on the type of window, its quality, and the environment it is installed in.

Generally speaking, impact windows can reduce outside noise by up to 30 decibels.

That's a significant reduction in sound that'll make your home or office more peaceful and comfortable.

Impact windows are also especially useful for reducing high-frequency sounds such as airplanes flying overhead or traffic from a nearby highway.

How much energy savings do impact windows provide?

Impact windows can provide significant energy savings for your home. They're designed to reduce the amount of heat that transfers through glass by reflecting solar rays, and blocking out up to 99% of ultraviolet light which helps to reduce fading and deterioration of furniture.

The airtight seal created with impact windows also reduces drafts, decreasing the need for air conditioning in warmer months and heating in cooler months. Additionally, impact windows have a more efficient insulation value than single pane non-impact glass, reducing the amount of energy needed to maintain comfortable temperatures year round.

Are impact windows available in different colors and styles?

Impact windows are available in a variety of colors and styles that can complement the look of any home. Depending on your location, you may find options from traditional to modern designs, as well as various glass tints and shades.

If you live in a hurricane-prone area, such as South Florida, many impact windows feature laminated glass construction with multiple layers of protection. This helps keep your home safer while still allowing natural light to enter in style.